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Saint Patrick

Patron Saint of Ireland

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Saint Patrick was born of Roman nobility in the Fourth Century. Saint Patrick's mother was the sister of Saint Martin, Archbishop of Tours in France.

Saint Patrick lived a carefree life until he was a teenager when, in a raid by pirates, Saint Patrick was abducted, brought to Ireland, and sold into slavery.  After six years of enslavement, while tending livestock on an Irish mountainside, Saint Patrick was visited by his guardian angel, Victoricus, who told Saint Patrick to escape to the sea, 200 miles away, where a ship was waiting to bring him to France.

When Saint Patrick was back home, Victoricus visited Saint Patrick again and told Saint Patrick that God had called him to the conversion of the Irish people. Saint Patrick's family did not want him to return to Ireland; and after praying for guidance, Victoricus for a third time appeared to Saint Patrick and advised him to begin formal training for his life's work.  Saint Patrick subsequently enrolled in four years of study at Marmoutier, the monastery his uncle, Saint Martin, had founded. 

When Saint Patrick's studies at Marmoutier were completed, Saint Patrick traveled to the island of Lerins, in the Mediterranean, to be with a contemplative colony of monks.  He then spent the last 14 years of his preparation under the guidance of Saint Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre, in a period of travel and activity during which Saint Patrick was ordained a priest.

In AD 431 Pope Saint Celestine consecrated Saint Patrick as bishop and approved Saint Patrick as missionary to Ireland.

On Saint Patrick's trip back to Ireland, Saint Patrick stopped at an island where Our Lord appeared to him and gave him the staff which Our Lord had used to walk the hills of the Palestinian countryside.  Saint Patrick worked many miracles through the Staff of Jesus.

Saint Patrick arrived in Ireland near Wicklow on the southeast coast but was driven away because word of his mission to convert the pagans had preceded him.  Saint Patrick tried to dock at several more towns but without success.

In Saul, Ulster County, the chieftain immediately set his dog upon Saint Patrick, but the dog became stiff and mute.  The chieftain then drew his sword, but became paralyzed.  Now convinced of Saint Patrick's mission, the chieftain was converted and gave Saint Patrick the site on which was build the first Catholic church in Ireland and where Saint Patrick's miracles had occurred. 

Pope John Paul II

Saint Patrick's many years of converting the Irish had begun, during which time he was poisoned, mobbed, enslaved and attacked by soldiers.  He was saved by a prayer he recited known as The Deer's Prayer.

Saint Patrick had a devotion to the Holy Cross and a love of Our Blessed Lady.  Every day Saint Patrick recited each of the 150 Psalms of David and the Apocalypse as well as other hymns and made the Sign of the Cross 100 times in the morning and 100 times at night.

Saint Patrick consecrated 350 bishops and ordained 5000 priests and witnessed the religious vows of countless monks and nuns.

Saint Patrick died March 17, A. D. 461 in Saul, County of Down, Ireland.

Saint Patrick's Confession is a gripping autobiographical insight into his life. Saint Patrick's humility and his constant battle with daily survival in the face of starvation, repeated enslavement, learning a new language, treachery and betrayal by pagans and kings, is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. 

Saint Patrick's Day Shanghai, China 2009

2009 Saint Patrick's Day in Shanghai, China

Saint Patrick's Day Parade Australia 1951

Saint Patrick's Day Parade (1951)
Copyright 1951 San Clemente High School, Mayfield, Australia

Saint Patrick Cathedral, Bunbury, Australia

Saint Patrick Cathedral, Bunbury, Australia

Saint Patrick Cathedral New York City 1880

Saint Patrick Cathedral New York City 1880

Saint Patrick Cathedral received a cleaning and blessing in 2008

Saint Patrick Cathedral New York City 1931

Saint Patrick Cathdral NYC 1939

7 o'clock mass on D-day (June 6, 1944) in the Lady Chapel
Saint Patrick Cathedral in New York City

The 35 Families of Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Atchison, Kansas, USA

Copyright 2004 Saint Patrick Catholic Church

Crough Patrick photographs




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