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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Catholic Nuns 3

Catholic Nuns' Photos  1 2 3 4 5

Elvis Nun
Hermit Nun
Olivia Newton-John Nun
Vietnam Nun
Pumpkin Bread

Twelve nuns, aged 80 to 90, from Saint Mary's Convent in South Bend, Indiana - Saint Mary College is the sister school to the University of Notre Dame - were denied the right to vote in the Indiana Democratic Primary in 2008 because they didn't have photo identification.

Sisters of Charity's original 1847 motherhouse was established on six acres now a part of Central Park in New York City.  A plaque marks the location known as McGown's Pass from 103rd Street to 106th Street and from Fifth Avenue to Sixth Avenue.  Before the Sisters of Charity owned the property, the site was occupied by George Washington.  Central Park is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Mother Angelica made and sold fishing lure to accumulate enough savings to purchase land for EWTN.

Sister Neeta George of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta's Missionaries of Charity on India's orphans: "We usually keep children for three months and try for their adoption. If they do not get adopted then we take custody and educate them. After they grow up, we marry them off if they're girls, or buy them land if they are boys."

Sister Eugenia Bonetti of Italy's Union of Superiors General: "The most humiliating poverty for every woman is to be a victim of trafficking, of being sold and bought to be used as merchandise."

Cultural Catholic - Catholic Nuns - Jerusalem


Cultural Catholic - Catholic Nuns - Korea - Holy Infant Adoption Center


Catholic News - Cameroon


Catholic News - Cameroon Nun Lace


Catholic News - Nuns feeding a monkey in Cameroon

Feeding a monkey


Nuns in Africa


Nun at sewing machine in Sudan - Fides photograph


Nuns in Nigeria - Fides Photograph


Nuns in Uganda - Fides photograph


Nuns in Uganda - Fides photograph


Nuns in Kenya in 1981


Nuns from Bengasi, Libya repairing Italian flag


Nun outside Macy's Department Store in New York City in 1939.  Sister was from an order of nuns which solicited alms,

New York City

Nun and Queen Elizabeth in Australia


Cultural Catholic - Catholic Nuns - Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy

Nuns section, Saint Dominic, California, USA

Nuns' Section

Catholic Nuns' Photos  1 2 3 4 5

Elvis Nun
Hermit Nun
Olivia Newton-John Nun
Vietnam Nun

When God calls a woman to the consecrated life

Update on Mother Angelica

The Convent Files



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