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Saint Vivian

(Saint Bibiana)

Patron Saint of Single Lay Women

Saint Bibiana - Saint Vivian

Saint Vivian's parents were zealous Roman Christians who were persecuted for their faith.  Saint Vivian's father was branded on the face with a hot iron and banished, dying from his wounds a few days later.  Saint Vivian's mother was beheaded, leaving Saint Vivian an orphan.

The court sent Saint Vivian to live in a house of ill repute, but when Saint Vivian refused to earn her keep in sinful ways, the judge ordered Saint Vivian to be tied to a pillar and beaten with a lead whip until she died. 

Saint Vivian's body was left to the dogs for disposal, but the dogs refused to touch her, so after two days, under cover of night, a priest buried Saint Vivian about the year 361.

Saint Vivian's feast day is December 2.

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