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Saint Médard

Patron Saint Against

Bad Weather

Saint Medard Patron Saint Against Bad Weather

Born into French nobility, Saint Médard was a pius and excellent student.  Ordained at 33, Saint Médard became a missionary bishop, and using his personal wealth, Saint Médard established a scholarship fund in the sixth century, Rosiere, which is still celebrated today.

While still a youth, Saint Médard gave one of his father's finest horses to a peasant who had lost his.  Immediately afterward, rain started to downpour, and while everyone else was drenched, an eagle spread its wings over Saint Médard, and Saint Médard remained dry.

Saint Médard's feast day is June 8, and the French say, "S'il pleut le jour de Saint-Médard, Il pleut quarante jours plus tard."

"Should Saint Médard's day be wet, it will rain for forty yet."  But, if it is sunny and dry on Saint Médard's day, so will the next 40 days be dry.

There is a town in northern France named Saint-Médard-en-Jalles.

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