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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Pope John Paul I

The Peasant Pope

The Smiling Pope

Pope John Paul I 263rd Roman Pontiff for 33 days in 1978

263rd Pontiff for 33 Days

 4 Wednesday audiences

Reign:  6:24 P. M. August 26, 1978
                 11:00 P. M. September 28, 1978

Pope John Paul I was the first pope to have two names.  He wanted to continue the work of Pope Paul VI and Pope John XXIII even though Pope John Paul I was a traditionalist, and Vatican II took some adjusting.

Born Albino Luciani in Canale d'Angordo near Belluno, Italy, on October 17, 1912, Pope John Paul I became a seminarian at 11 years old, a priest at 23 years old, and was the Patriarch of Venice from 1969 until he became pope on September 3, 1978.  Pope John Paul I held a theology degree from Gregorian University in Rome.

Because of his rural background and his ability to explain the catechism simplistically, Pope John Paul I was called "The Peasant Pope." He was also called "The Smiling Pope."

Pope John Paul I was a catechism teacher by profession and wrote Bits and Pieces of the Catechism (Catechesi in briciole) and llustrissimi.

llustrissimi was a collection of articles Pope John Paul I wrote for St. Anthony's Messenger consisting of letters written to biblical, historical, literary, and imaginary characters.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul I had been hospitalized eight times and underwent four surgeries during his lifetime. Still, some reported his death as being from poisoning while others said he was assasinated by those within the Vatican.

Official cause of Pope John Paul I's death was a heart attack. He was found holding Imitations of Christ.

On June 10, 2003, the canonical process was begun for beatification of Pope John Paul I.

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