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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Common Catholic Latin Words


Vatican encourages new priests to learn Latin

Ad multos annos, sancte pater - Many happy returns, Holy Father - Birthday message to the pope

Ad Te levavi animam meam - To you, Lord, I lift up my soul

Adventus - Coming/arrival

Angelus - The Angel

Agnus Dei - Lamb of God

Ave Maria - Hail Mary

Bonum est diffusivum sui - The good pours itself out
(Saint Thomas Acquinas' axiom)

Caritas Christi urget nos - Love of Christ compels us

Credo - I believe

Ecclesia Dei - Church of God

Episcopus Romae - Bishop of Rome

Habemus papam - We have a pope

Interregnum - The time between the death and the replacement of a bishop

Latae sententiae - By the law itself (i. e. Canon law)

Mandatum - In keeping with 1983 Canon Law, a theologian teaching at a Catholic university must receive a mandatum from the local bishop indicating the theologian's intent to teach in accordance with the Magisterium

Memorare - To remember

Moto proprio - On one's own initiative

Novena - Nine

Ora et Labora - Work and Pray

Oremus por invicem - Let us pray for one another

Pater Noster - Our Father

Per aspera ad astra - Through the thorns to the stars

Portiuncula - Stone chapel built by Saint Francis of Assisi and his followers 800 years ago

Pro vobis et pro multis - For you and for many

Regina Coeli - Queen of Heaven

Requiescat in pace - Rest in peace

Salve Regina - Hail Holy Queen

Sanctus - Holy

Sancta Sedes - Holy See

Sentire cum ecclesia - Think with the Church

Serviam - I will serve

Te Deum - Thee God

Tu es Petrus - You are Peter

Veritas - Truth

Venite Adoremus - Come Let Us Adore Him

Via Crusis - Way of the Cross

Violata Pax - Violent peace

Not Catholic but...Sic Semper Tyrannis - As Always to Tyrants - said by Southerner and actor John Wilkes Booth after shooting President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater in Washington, D. C. with a single-shot Baby Philip Derringer during a performance of Our American Cousin.  The motive was revenge for the Civil War.  Ford's Theater is still in operation.

Latin lessons

Tutorial on the Latin Mass

Vatican's Latin documents

Attendance at the Sunday noon Mass at Saint John the Beloved in McClean, Virginia, has doubled since Saint John's began celebrating Mass in Latin.  Said Father Franklin McAfee about young parishioners:  "They want something uplifting when they go to church.  They don't want something they can get outside."  Said Chris Paulitz, 32, of the Latin Mass at Saint Rita in Alexandria, Virginia, "You feel like you've learned something and you've grown a bit."

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Saint Augustine's Confessions in Latin

Cultural Catholic - Colors of the Liturgy

In a second or two the liturgy colors will open one by one with an explanation of when in the liturgy the color is used.

Pallium is a white band embroidered with six black crosses and worn over the shoulders. It has two hanging pieces, front and back. Worn by the Pope and by metropolitan archbishops, the pallium symbolizes authority and expresses the special bond between the bishops and the Roman Pontiff. - Zenit

Cope - Long cape worn by priests during liturgical services.




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