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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Good Works

Cultural Catholic - Good Works Guardian Angel

"Good works are essential and inseparable from prayer." - Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican:  "A form of education that ignores or marginalizes the moral and religious dimension of the person is a hindrance to full education.  Moreover, if religious education is limited to a presentation of the different religions, in a comparative and neutral way, it creates confusion or generates religious relativism or indifferentism."

Want to perform a good work?

Diocese of Utah
Utah Catholic Schools Office

“As a product of the Catholic school system here, I can attest that there may be no better gift or investment to make. This program provides those of us who attended Catholic schools with an opportunity to give something back to the system we benefited from as students,” said Holy Cross Sister Catherine Kamphaus, Superintendent of Catholic Schools.  “This is an opportunity for all Catholics to share in the education of young people.”

Sponsorships may be designated to particular schools but not to particular students and are available at four levels:

Patron – One full-year high school scholarship $7,500.

Benefactor – One full-year elementary school scholarship $5,000.

Guardian Angel – One half-year elementary school scholarship $2,500.

Sponsor – Give at a level that matches your ability.

Gifts of cash, check, or credit card can be made to:

Sponsor-A-Student Program
Utah Catholic Schools
 27 C Street
Salt Lake City, UT  84103

Want to perform a good work?

Do you have a sewing machine which is no longer in use?  Clare Liptak collects sewing machines and sends them to Tanzania.  She also sends sewing machines which are in need of repair, along with a check, to provide repair work for Tanzanians.  Kentucky is another place Claire sends sewing machines. Both electric and treadle machines are needed.  The manual sewing machines are sent to places where electric power is unreliable.  "Often the machine has been in their family a long time and they want it to be used. They don't want their grandmother's sewing machine to be thrown away," said Claire to the diocesan newspaper The Catholic Spirit.

Please forward sewing machines and sewing material to:

Clare S. Liptak
Mary, Mother of God Parish
157 S. Triangle Road
Hillsborough, NJ  08844

Want to perform a good work?

Please send a package valued at under $100 from the following Wish List.  Values over $100 require Father Means to pay customs duty.

Father David Means
Church of the Nativity
Galvpochtant, Box 171
685000 Magadan

Babies:  Snowsuits, socks, baby blankets, vitamins  

Mothers: Maternity clothes and feminine products  

Children:  Socks, coats, hats, gloves, vitamins, children's tylenol, children's aspirin, school and art supplies  

Teens:  Backpacks  

Adults:  Pain relievers, arthritis pain relievers, winter boots, gloves, hats, socks

Toys and reading eyeglasses

What's Allowed, What's Not in Russia

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope - You may include a letter - insured up to $100 - maximum 4 pounds - customs form - $12.95

Priorty Mail Small Flat Rate Box - You may include a letter - insured up to $100 - maximum 4 pounds - customs form - $12.95

Priority Mail Regular Flat Rate Box - You may not include a letter - insured up to $100 - maximum 20 pounds - customs form - $41.95

Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box - You may not include a letter - insured up to $100 - maximum 20 pounds - $53.95

Tip:  Priority Flat Rate envelope, Priority Flat Rate small box, Priority Flat Rate regular  box, Priority Flat Rate large box may save on postage from the U. S.  Ask the post office to weigh Priority non-flat-rate envelope/box to see which costs less.  Priority envelopes and boxes are free at the post office. The same Priority Mail boxes and envelopes are used for both domestic and international mail.

Tip:  Above rates are reduced a couple of dollars if you print stamps online.

Catholic Church in Siberia

Nativity Inn in Russia

Want to perform a good work?

Please donate a Pre-K to Grade 8 book to
 Saint Paul School's library

Saint Paul School
114 East 118 Street
New York, NY  10035

Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI As Told By A CatTax-deductible suggestion:  Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI As Told By A Cat is a book for elementary school children which tells the story of the life of Pope Benedict XVI when he was growing up in Bavaria, Germany.  The story is told by Pope Benedict XVI's next-door neighbor in Pentling, Germany, Chico, the cat, who would visit Pope Benedict XVI often.  Pope Benedict XVI is a cat lover who fed stray cats in Rome and brought one Roman stray cat home with him when he was a cardinal.  The Vatican doesn't allow animals, but when asked whether Pope Benedict XVI brought his two cats with him when he moved into the Vatican, the Vatican had no comment.  The Introduction is by Monsignor Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's personal secretary.

Want to perform a good work?

Saint Brigid Catholic Church
1231 Plainfield Pike
Johnston, RI  02919
(401) 944-2232
Established 1915

Saint Brigid's in the Diocese of Providence  has a Prayer Shawl Ministry in which the group crafts shawls at home and meets once a month at the parish hall to discuss patterns and enjoy each other's creations and company.  The shawls are then given free of charge to hospital patients with a tag sewn in which reads, "Do Not be Afraid:  I am With You," along with a medal and a prayer card. "The healing aspect of the shawl is important to us," said crafter Ursula Zarella.  The group keeps a string from each shawl to remember to pray for the recipient of that shawl.  If you would like to create a shawl for the ministry or know someone in need of a prayer shawl, please telephone Saint Brigid's.

Want to perform a good work?


Diocese of Fairbanks [Alaska]
Parish Needs List

Want to perform a good work?

Developer Wilbur Breslin has received 800 Valentine cards from Sacred Heart Academy students in Hempstead on Long Island in New York each year for years.  Mr. Breslin and his partners, Fred Colin and Louis L. Ceruzzi, Jr., developers of The Hub Shopping Center, finally relented and gave the girls what they wanted - a nearby one-acre vacant lot valued at $1.5MM to be used by the students as a parking lot.  "It's the Valentine cards every year that did it," said Mr. Breslin. 

Let's add Wilbur Breslin to our card list: 

Breslin Realty Development
 500 Old Country Road
 Garden City, NY 11530

Want to perform a good work?

Good Work - Door Draft Dodgers

Catholic Charities of South Bend in Indiana needs door draft dodgers for low-income residents.  Draft dodgers are fabric logs which can be placed against the inside bottom of a door to prevent wind from entering the home and can also be placed around windows. 

If you live in Saint Joseph County you can participate in the Busy Hands program by sewing the draft dodgers on Catholic Charities' premises.  Otherwise, you can make the logs at home or purchase a draft dodger and send it to:

Busy Hands
Catholic Charities of South Bend
1817 Miami Street
South Bend, IN 46613 

(574) 234-3111 x57












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