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Saint Edward

The Confessor

Patron Saint of

Difficult Marriages

Saint Edward the Confessor

Saint Edward the Confessor was born into English nobility in 1003.  When the Danes ruled England, Saint Edward the Confessor and his brother Alfred were sent into exile to Normandy, France, to live with their uncle, Duke Richard of Normandy.  While in Normandy, Saint Edward the Confessor became active in the Catholic Church.

Saint Edward the Confessor's brother, Alfred, was killed in a failed attempt to regain the throne of England, but on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1042, Saint Edward the Confessor was successful in becoming King of England.

Saint Edward the Confessor was known as a fair and just king, reducing taxes, building churches, and only participating only defensive wars.

Saint Edward the Confessor took a vow of chastity but consented to marry for the sake of his kingdom.  Saint Edward the Confessor and his wife, Editha, remained chaste.

Saint Edward the Confessor's feast day is October 13.

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