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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Saint Peter

First Pope

(30 - 67) 

Papacy began in April, 30 A. D. upon the declaration by Jesus Christ that Simon Bar-Jona would be called Peter (rock) upon which the Catholic Church was to be built.

Saint Peter was a fisherman from Gallilee and was Jesus' favorite among the apostles. Saint Peter's brother was the Apostle Andrew and both are Patron Saints of Fishermen.

Saint Peter was the longest-serving pope at 37 years.

Saint Peter was crucified upside down, and his Feast Day is June 29.

Pope Gregory VII (No. 157) assigned the title of Pope to all of his predecessors back to Saint Peter in addition to their historical titles of "Bishop of Rome."

Traditionally, the first 54 popes have been considered saints although the Church's new Universal Calendar has disallowed some for lack of evidence.

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