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Saint Vitus

Patron Saint Against Oversleeping

Cultural Catholic - Saint Vitus  - Patron Saint Against Oversleeping

Saint Vitus was a Sicilian who was converted from paganism to Christianity by his tutor and his nurse at the age of 12.  Because of Saint Vitus' conversion, Saint Vitus' father had the three arrested and whipped at the stake.

Angels freed them from prison, and they fled to Rome where Saint Vitus exorcised the devil from the emperor's son.  Because Saint Vitus refused to give thanks to the pagan gods for the devil's departure, Saint Vitus was tortured and condemned to death and thrown to the lions. 

The lions refused to touch Saint Vitus, so Saint Vitus and a rooster (part of the pagan ritual), were thrown into boiling oil.  Because of the rooster's early morning crowing, Saint Vitus became known as the Patron Saint Against Oversleeping.

Saint Vitus' feast day is June 15.

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