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Pope Hadrian VI

(Pope Adrian VI)

Pope Hadrian VI 218th Roman Pontiff from 1522 to 1523

218th Pontiff (1522-1523)

Adriano de Florensz was born of working class parents on March 2, 1459, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  His father died when Adriano was a boy, and his widowed mother was determined that Adriano have a good education, first by home-schooling, then by attending Zwolle with the Brothers of the Common Life, and finally, with the help of a benefactor, by attending the University of Louvain in Belgium where Adriano eventually became a professor of theology. 

On August 18, 1516, Adriano became Bishop of Tortosa in Spain, where he became Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish peninsula, then elevated to cardinal on July 1, 1517, became Regent of Spain, and then teacher to Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I's six-year-old grandson, Charles V, before being elected pope on August 9, 1522, and installed as pope on August 31, 1522.

Pope Hadrian VI expended much effort trying to stop Luthernism in Germany and generated papal resentment because of his moral conservatism and commitment to eradicating corruption.

Pope Hadrian VI died suddenly on September 14, 1523.

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