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Pope John Paul II to be beatified May 1


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Pope Clement I

Pope Clement I   4th Roman Catholic Pontiff  88 to 97  Pope Saint  Clement I Adoring the Trinity by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1737-1738
Pope Clement I Adoring the Trinity
by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1737-1738)

4th Pontiff (88-97)

Pope Clement I was a desciple of Saint Paul and was ordained a bishop by Saint Peter

Pope Clement Is famous letter to the Corinthians is credited as the first great non-inspired Christian document.  His epistle rebuked the Corinthians for a schism and reminded the Corinthians of the necessity to obey the traditional authorities of the Church.

Pope Clement I had the strongest personality among the first popes, second only to Saint Peter's 

When Emperor Nerva exiled Pope Clement I to Crimea on the Black Sea, Pope Clement I carried out his apostolate among the two thousand Christians forced to labor in the marble quarries.  During Pope Clement I's forced abdication from the See of Peter, there were many conversions, thereby angering the new Emperor Trajan.  When Pope Clement I refused to offer sacrifice to false gods, Emperor Trajan ordered Pope Clement I thrown into the Black Sea with an anchor around his neck.

About 868, on behalf of Pope Nicholas I, Saint Cyril unearthed bones and an anchor in Crimea which are believed to be Saint Clement Is relics. Saint Cyril carried Pope Clement Is relics to Rome where in 869 Pope Hadrian II deposited them in the high altar of the Basilica of Saint Clement in Rome.

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